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Why did I create the Blog, and YouTube Tutorials?

My parents have always taught me to share things with others. This is me sharing the talent of beading with all who are interested. I want to share this Talent I have learned with others, so they can learn too! I have it for display in hopes that I might be able to help and inspire others who are interested in beading! Because this way, others can make their own jewelry with out having to pay for it, and be proud that they did it themselves! :)
*Remember that people have their own ways of doing things, this is the way that I am comfortable beading.
** This is a hobby for me, it is something I do as a stress reliever and for fun.. all while putting my heart into it <3
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Friday, July 22, 2011

How To: Native American Beadwork, Earrings

I made a video a while back on How to bead earrings :) Hope you like it!


lbrad81 said...

you should do this exact same earring and slow down the video...do you tack the bead 1 by 1?

Cheli_lobo said...

I watched the video but how do u tack down the beads? N also what exact materials do u use? Type of glue, size needle, size beads etc. also I saw that u bead a certain area not in circles, how do you know how much space to leave for the blue? Hope I didn't confuse ya hehe. I would like more detail because I don't know how to bead on a stabilizer. Love ur videos!

Anonymous said...

I agree with both comments. Video is wayyyy too fast!! I don't understand how you did the fire colors first then the blue? I guess you bead your design first?? Then the background color? Idk, I wish it was slowed down so we could actually learn & understand it cuz this video is the only one I'm coming across on how to bead these types of earrings. Guess I'll keep searching :(

Anonymous said...

Kind of senseless making a video that is so speeded up you can't even see what you're doing.

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