I love beading! :)

Why did I create the Blog, and YouTube Tutorials?

My parents have always taught me to share things with others. This is me sharing the talent of beading with all who are interested. I want to share this Talent I have learned with others, so they can learn too! I have it for display in hopes that I might be able to help and inspire others who are interested in beading! Because this way, others can make their own jewelry with out having to pay for it, and be proud that they did it themselves! :)
*Remember that people have their own ways of doing things, this is the way that I am comfortable beading.
** This is a hobby for me, it is something I do as a stress reliever and for fun.. all while putting my heart into it <3
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Thank You! Kristen Sally

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss San Carlos High School Crown

A friend of mine asked me to make her a crown, she's the new Miss San Carlos High School 2011-2012.. So here is what I came up with!  Here it is!


Anonymous said...

hello Kersten, Sally ????

Are you the Lady who posted this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bk2Cx6mSPo&feature=related

I think so... even if on this blog your name is Sally.

Nevermind... I want to thank you. Why ? Because, I have been visiting a friend in Ottawa 2 years ago. During this visit we met nice people : native americans. A women was wearing some awesome earrings. I asked her where I could buy similar ones before leaving (I am French and I live in France), but she answered : I did them. Since then I have been trying to so some... with no success. Finaly last week I found your videos on youtube. after the second try I successfully managed to do the earring I dreamed of for 2 years. So a big big thank you for your help. Merci,


Sally said...

yes that is me :) glad you were able to see the video! and i'm happy that this has helped you! Thanks for watching the video..