I love beading! :)

Why did I create the Blog, and YouTube Tutorials?

My parents have always taught me to share things with others. This is me sharing the talent of beading with all who are interested. I want to share this Talent I have learned with others, so they can learn too! I have it for display in hopes that I might be able to help and inspire others who are interested in beading! Because this way, others can make their own jewelry with out having to pay for it, and be proud that they did it themselves! :)
*Remember that people have their own ways of doing things, this is the way that I am comfortable beading.
** This is a hobby for me, it is something I do as a stress reliever and for fun.. all while putting my heart into it <3
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Thank You! Kristen Sally

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My 1st Beaded Crown

A lady named Hersha and her daughter had saw me compete in a pageant last year, and they came up to me after the show and asked if I beaded crowns, I told her I had never made one before, but I could do one for her. She wanted it for her daughter Shavaughn. I asked her how she wanted it and she said for sure, she wanted their tribal seal and a bear paw along with her title. Then I asked if there was anything Shavaughn liked, and she said to dance hula. So with that, here is the crown that I made for Miss Shavaughn, who is the Miss White Mountain Apache Princess...


cleahturtle said...

Your FIRST one!? Wow, you've got talent girl! What a blessing. :)

Diana Napier said...

Very beautiful. You are very gifted and I've enjoyed watching your videos.

Pameka Hunt said...

I need one. We are stuck in Sanford, Fl. Seminole County
407-936-4413...I need a Flag to tare down Washington, d.c. flag. they are test us like animals...Some Spanish nation taken the people birth rights. The Lost Apache Nation...so much confusion..https://www.facebook.com/pameka.hunt